The Post Graduate Delirium 4

The Mom

By: Tshenolo Koapeng

I woke up in the morning and she wasn’t there. Lilanga had the habit of singing in the kitchen as she brewed our morning tea. The lyrics would pour out of her mouth in sonorous contralto. When she saw me her eyes would light up in excitement as if she was surprised I had made it through the night. She often asked me about my dreams and I would exaggerate the scenes in my dreams so I could hear her high pitched laughter drown out the sound of the morning news. I often feel as though she would be a better mother than me. The more I carry this baby, the more I hate it. The kid has been living inside my body for the past three months now. It sucks the nutrients out of the food I chew and then urinates in my uterus. Oh how I wish I could turn back time. I don’t want to be anybody’s mother.
My favorite feature on her was the white straight toothed smile that complimented the darkness of her smooth and spotless mahogany colored skin. The sharpness of her cheekbones created a perfect proportion in her face. Lilanga was the prettiest girl I knew. I also thought she was really kind too but what she did on the opening night of my show marred my image of her. She left me when I needed her the most but then again everybody leaves me, even the father of my baby. It’s funny how years of friendship can just end in a second. I could be overreacting, maybe her common sense lapsed for two hours. I just want a real apology when she gets back home. I miss her.
Its midnight now and she’s still not back. I’m starting to worry. Lilanga’s not the type of girl who spends her night out without a warning. She always told me when she was going on dates and she would send me the locations to wherever she was in case someone tried to kidnap her. During all the years we’ve lived together I had never seen her with a boy unlike me she was always hyper vigilant about these city boys.
I suddenly remember her smell which was the aroma of cinnamon buns mixed with maple syrup. This smell lingered on her skin and clothes. A hug from her was like getting a bite into a decadent chocolate filled cake. My thoughts of her are overriding my brain, I think something’s wrong.

TV Breaking News Screen Background. Vector illustration

I turn on the TV and catch the news, the headline in bold red all-caps reads: TWO TRAIN STATION SUICIDES IN ONE DAY. My heart shatters.

The End.

128 thoughts on “The Post Graduate Delirium 4”

  1. Among the many stories i have this one is an epic one. The story of lilangi and tharo depicts what most young people go through, I have learnt alot of lessons and you are am amazing writer Tshenolo, am thirsty for another story.
    Though the ending caught me off guard, almost dropped a test🥺

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